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Cyflwyniad i Wenyn  /  Introduction to Beekeeping

Anglesey BKA 14thFebruary  Beginner Knowledge session 1 of 4 
Swansea District BKA 1st March  Beginners' Course
Meirionnydd BKA  4th March, 10th March, 14th April and 5th May  Beginners' Course
Pembroke BKA 10th March  Introductory Beekeeping Course
South Clwyd BKA  Sat 17th March a full weekend  21st and 22nd April , finishing on Saturday 19th May  Beekeepers’ Beginners Course
Lamperter and District BKA 22nd April Beginners' Course – 1st Class of 5
Brecon and Radnor BKA 14th April  Spring Beginners Course 2018


Bees for Development

Sustainable Beekeeping and Strengthening Livelihoods : For day and weekend Courses please follow this link  

Beekeeping courses in Bangor, Gwynedd.

Introduction to Beekeeping days

This course is aimed at people who are considering taking up beekeeping or wanting to learn more about bees. The course aims to provide a background into practical beekeeping and an afternoon session with the bees. It is designed as a taster session to enable people to decide whether to pursue beekeeping and will give you the necessary information to take it further.

  • Learn the basics of beekeeping including hive construction and siting
  • Find out from experts where to get bees and the equipment needed
  • Discover the importance and benefits of bees in the environment
  • Suitable for beginners

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Or Call Contact details: Jonathan Garratt Tel. 01248 361576

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